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Textbook: How to teach Mathematics (Steven G. Krantz)
My tools: tool 1 - tool 2. Example of application: proof of Lévy's theorem on two blackboards.

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Probability Theory (ETH, 2023-2024)

Advanced probability topics MAP575 (since 2019)

Discrete mathematics MAA 103 (École polytechnique, Bachelor, 2017-2019)

Discrete Mathematics MAA 103 (Year 1) had two main objectives: (i) teach fundamental concepts in discrete mathematics, which are the building blocks of many different areas of science and of advanced mathematics (ii) teach how to write proofs. The course started with elementary logic (e.g. quantifiers, different methods of proof), sets, and functions. The second part of the course introduced students to combinatorics and probability (on finite sets). The course consisted of 16 weeks (1h30 lecture and 1h30 exercise session per week).

Course material: Exercises: Exam papers and solutions:

Condensation in random trees (Random Trees and Graphs Summer School 2019)

Scaling limits of large random discrete structures (Back to school FMJH Master day)

Slides of the last lecture(Keynote, 52 Mo - PDF, 45 Mo)

Lévy processes and random discrete structures (Lévy 2016 - Summer school on Lévy processes)

Lecture notes - Slides of the last lecture (Keynote, 62 Mo - PDF, 55 Mo)

Geometry of random trees (Zürich, 2014-2015)

Master course, lecture notes: