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Welcome to my personal webpage!

I am a CNRS researcher and part time professor at École polytechnique. In 2023-2024 I am also a visiting professor at ETH Zurich. My research interests are centered around the scaling limits of various discrete random structures such as random walks, random dissections and random trees. You can find my CV here. Click here for a photo of me proving a theorem.

Contact information

Postal address at Ecole polytechnique:
   CMAP, École polytechnique
   Route de Saclay
   91128 Palaiseau Cedex
Office : 00 20 24, 1er étage, aile 0.
Telephone : +33-(0) 1 69 33 46 47.

Postal address at ETH:
   Department of Mathematics
   Rämistrasse 101
   8092 Zurich
Office: HG J 62
Telephone: +41 (0) 44 632 27 13

Email: or or

A simulation

An example of a random object I have been studying:

The first figure is a particular type of subcritical Galton-Watson tree, called nongeneric, with 24045 vertices. The second figure is a uniform tree with 27129 vertices (approximating Aldous' Brownien Continuum Random Tree).

For other nice simulations, click here.